Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pajamas for $400K anyone?

This was just too good to pass up: I was watching one of my favorite shows last night (Bravo's Flipping Out), and I couldn't stop laughing. I always thought Jeff Lewis to be one of those characters whose explosive personality would always be enough to sustain a successful business regardless of the ups and downs of the market - yet there's change for us all I suppose!

As much as it's hard to imagine him NOT "flipping out" - homes, that is!!! -  it turns out that (spoiler alert!) he has a few aces up his sleeve: he's back to "dating", courting clients for his remodeling business, that is.

Makes you think about it, as you watch him arrive to an eccentric client's house in his pajamas (hoping to get to what he calls "second base", and make a $400K sale), how far would YOU go to survive in this market?

Anxious to hear your thoughts!

Jack Shoptaw


  1. Hey, whatever it takes these days!!

  2. What wouldn't I do....PJ's are just the half of it.

  3. I'm a little addicted to that show now. That dude is CRAZY! I'd love to be able to be that straight forward with people sometimes. Yikes!